With Fønix we establish an arena where traditional boatbuilder skills meet advanced technologies, combining the "best of two Worlds..."


Norway has among the longest coastlines in the World, and most of it remains temperate through the winter months. Nearly half of all Norwegians own a boat; we are a nation of seafarers. In fact, Norway holds the world record for boats owned per capita.


During the summer, the shoreline is specked with thousands of leisure boats all over the country,  Under a sun that never sets, much of life during the warm season revolves in and around boats. As the climate cools in fall, most of these are stored onshore until the next season. Cold, dark and windy conditions scare most people from keeping their boats afloat during winter. 


The vast majority of the Norwegian coast remains free of ice. It is hence possible to use leisure boats all year round. Considering sea access to our deep and mountainous fjords, it is possible to imagine boats with ski racks.


This is where the Fønix dream starts.


We wanted to develop a boat that covered all our needs, come summer or winter; day or night.  A boat so robust and safe that the moment of hesitation never comes. The urge to jump onboard no matter the conditions remains - three hundred and sixty-five days of the year; a boat so exquisetly designed that that you will feel proud to tour it on a crowded summer day; a boat so practically arranged that it will satisfy your entire spectrum of sea-related activities, be it transportation, fishing, water sports or simply just cruising.


With modern materials and advanced technology, it’s time to take back the ocean – all year round.


The Fønix Team

Leisure boating redefined

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